Sleep friendly bedroom checklist

Checklist For A More Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

Your bedroom environment can be a crucial factor in helping you get good quality sleep. Here is a list of things to consider when trying to make your bedroom sleep environment as optimal as can be. Making changes now will impact you and your sleep in the long run. This compounding effect through making small changes can be a positive addition to your comfort for months and years to come. Making improvements in even one of these factors is a smart investment.


Sleep-friendly Environment Checklist

A Dedicated Space 

Reserve your bedroom solely for sleep, and/or intimacy. Removing or at least hiding distractions that would get in the way of your sleep is a wise move. Such distractions may include electronics such as a TV or work related items such as a laptop. Create a surrounding that promotes your positive routines, habits and rituals around sleep.

Create a Dark Space    

Creating a cavelike room environment might be just what works best for your sleep. Blackout blinds for your room, or a sleep mask that creates total darkness, would be ideal for blocking out light. Lights, especially LED lights, inhibit the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone). Therefore, you should avoid using your smartphones or laptops before bed. You should block out all light to create a dark environment. You can find our range of sleep masks here.


Drift off in the quiet sleep zone!   

External noise such as traffic or the neighbours can often be out of our control and there’s only so much we can directly control. Research has found that white noise can aid in drifting off to sleep faster. You could try tools such as a fan, white noise machine, or soft sounding mellow tracks to help reduce the impact of the external sounds. Another option to help decrease the impact of external noise are ear plugs. These earplugs are easily inserted during your sleep and block out sound which may disturb you during your sleep.

The cooling effect.

It has been found that sleeping in a room that is cool, with the temperature at around the 65 degrees Fahrenheit, creates the optimal conditions for sleep. Try to maintain a cool room temperature, through the use of air conditioning units, blocking out heat, or using a cooling mat under your pillow to help keep the bed cool.

The all important bed! 

Your bed is probably one of the most important factors affecting your sleep quality. You should make sure it is as comfortable as possible, and correctly supports your posture when sleeping. If you think your bed could be made even more comfortable, mattress toppers are often a good way to add some soft comfort to your bed with an extra layer of mellow!

Those fluffy pillows!

Pillows can be an incredibly important factor in dictating whether you get a decent night’s sleep, or you complain the next day. Ensure your pillows are comfortable and correctly support your neck and posture when sleeping. If you are unhappy with your pillow, try a different one, softer or firmer. Are you a side sleeper? No problem, there’s a pillow for that. Do you sleep with your partner, all cuddled up? We’ve got you covered, with the cuddling pillow. Maybe you want to try a pillow made out of a different material. Try a range of different pillows, available on our site. These are made from memory foam, organic wool or natural latex.


Linens to die for!

Choose the best linens for you. Some prefer the silky smooth, while others prefer a different material. Linens can be important in determining whether you’re going to be content covered up, or miserable and kicking all night.

Start by cleaning your room!

Your bedroom should be a pleasant space which you look forward to entering. It is the first time you wake up to in the morning, and the last thing you look at before sleep. Having a cluster free, visually attractive and clean smelling bedroom can make you want to look forward to going to your bedroom, not shying away from it. It is important your bedroom is appealing to your sense of smell, as bad odours can impact your sleep quality as well.


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